Mechanical Engineering program at IUS is aiming to graduate students who are able to understand and analyze a system whatever that system is (thermo-power plants, bio-system, house, car, drone, etc.). Foundation of the program is good mathematical and programming skills, and sound knowledge of applied physics and materials. The program makes students familiar with simulation engineering technologies where potentials and limitations of such technologies are explored. Energy and energy related applications are in the focus of the program, from conversion technology to production, transportation and storage. The program integrates some core electrical engineering and computer science subjects into its curriculum, so the graduates from the Mechanical Engineering program easily adapt to multidisciplinary engineering teams.

The program’s teaching philosophy emphasis approach in which students throughout their education learn how to learn instead of learning facts or mastering some particular technologies. In this way the program is preparing the students for the real world in which they will be ready to quickly enter different engineering fields and to adapt to new emerging technologies.

Through university courses and free elective courses the program motivates students to learn and understand society and the world in which engineers are operating. During their study students have a chance to listen guest speakers, prominent figures in their fields, with different backgrounds, from art, politics, business, etc. In this way, the program creates environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity and accommodate students to idea of constantly changing world. This helps to accept change as necessary and positive affair, and to promote concept of life-long learning as not only a tool for successful career but also a way to live enriched and fulfilled life.