II. Study Cycle ME Program


The Master in Mechanical Engineering at Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is one-year program for students who finished first cycle of study with 240 ECTS. The one-year program brings 60 ECTS. The program is completed with 300 ECTS (undergraduate plus master). Having completed successfully the Second Study Cycle of the Mechanical Engineering program, a student acquires the following title:

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering.

The Master program in mechanical engineering at IUS prepares students for professional practice and research in the area of rapidly advancing mechanical-engineering-based interdisciplinary technologies. The program builds up on a strong background in the basic and engineering sciences and provides academic training in a fertile educational and research environment equipped with modern laboratories, design and computing facilities and multi-purpose software. A flexible study program, which allows students to shape their own professional profiles by selecting the appropriate set of elective courses, offers a broad perspective for specialized or interdisciplinary engineering practice and research. Together with the course program, individual tutoring and team-work training develop students’ competence to analyze technical problems and to develop innovative solutions. It also strives to develop professional independence, stimulates the students’ personal creativity, self-reliance and originality, and develops the capacity for continuing professional and intellectual growth.